IHP Group

Custom-developed WordPress theme

December 2018

For this project, I worked with the design agency Erretres and the development agency Ankaa Studio. It is a WordPress site created with a custom theme.

I was provided with a full design and functionality requirements. I did both the back-end and front-end development.

For the back-end development, I used the WordPress starter _Underscore. I used Advanced Custom Fields to create custom page templates and I created several custom post types.

The website has a defined template for each type of page and is also prepared for the future in case they need some new pages.

For the front-end development, I finally got rid of CSS frameworks and I used CSS Grid for the whole structure, combined with flex occasionally. 

That is a decision I’m really happy with. Once the grid is defined in the CSS, the development process is quite smooth and flexible. The different screen resolutions were easy to manage and the final result is great. 

During the process, I also had to make some decisions that were foreseen in the design. For example, how to navigate between projects in the portfolio section.

You can see the result here: ihp-group.com/en